Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coupon organizer

Who doesn't need a coupon organizer?? Well I have coupons all over the house, all over the car, all over the recycling bin and the occasional one in the coupon organizer. It really is hard to get those suckers to stay where you put them.

Well here is a cool coupon organizer AND it has a bonus price book!!! That is just for me. Well the coupon organizer is from CouponOrganizer.com and the prize is the Price Planner. The website that is giving it away is Thrifty Thoughts.

To enter:

1. Main entry: You must tell me how you organize your coupons or if you are not yet a coupon user then tell me why you have not been using them! You must leave a comment with this information-if you don't do this one then the rest of the entries won't count!
2. Blog about this contest on your blog-be sure to post a link back here to this post(I will be checking)
3. Twitter this contest and comment here(be sure to copy and paste the link to your tweet in your comment-to do this you can right click the time on your post and copy the link)
4. Stumble this post and leave your user name in the comment you leave here
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Merry Christmas

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