Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Contest for a hoover floormate

I don't know about you but when some designer got the idea of putting hard wood everywhere, I breathed a sigh of relief. No more pet messes to scrub, no more kids kool-aid to blot...freedom. And then I noticed that my beautiful hard wood floors had a bit of dullness to them. No simple mop was going fix my dull floors. Now there is hope. Blessings Abound has a contest for a floor will make my floors sing again, and I will be free to worry about other things like how my garden is dying.


Contest for a Lehr Eco Trimmer

This trimmer that Alternative consumer is giving away is very cool. It is fueled by propane and has reusable parts. It is an eco-ladies dream.

The rules are simple. Tell Alternative Consumer how the eco Trimmer would make lawn care greener.


Mothers Day extravaganza at ...

Two of a kind. Dee is giving away all sorts of cool things for mommy's and mommy's to be (I'm assuming for mommy has beens like me too). She is giving away 20 great prizes in two weeks and I am pumped to start winning.

Seriously go on over and take a look-see a give-away for a of those cool video cameras that are extremely portable and plug into your USB: Two of a kind

Great Green Giveaway at is giving away the above prize bissell cleaner would be amazing. And who couldn't do with some environmentally friendly tp!!!

Go to the following site: Green Giveaway and follow the instructions to enter.

I am going to enter right now.