Thursday, December 18, 2008

Coffee...mmmmm....good coffee

I have found the most amazing thing...ya'all probably know all about it but it's a Krups Coffee maker -- but to me it's majic. I went for a job interview about 10 years ago and they treated me to a cup of coffee from one of these things. Basically you get these little cups (called k-cups) and they hold coffee or tea or whatever and you insert them into the maker and it brews you a perfect cup of hot wonderland!! And as if that isn't enough they are giving one away!!! Oh My Goodness, that rocks my sox!!

There are two bloggers, Momgivaways and Momstart who are doing this wonderful promotion. The prize is a Keurig Platinum Brewer, go see it right now...oh think of the coffee and FRESH!!

To enter once you can just go to Momgivaways or Momstart and just answer their question in a comment. Momgivaways wants to know which Keurig Gift Bundle you would would give away and why, put it in a comment here: Momgivaways. Momstart wants to know which coffees you would order...there is a chocolate raspberry one that I think would just about hit all my needs, put it in a comment here: Momstart.

Good Luck

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