Sunday, December 21, 2008

100 Boxes of Ferrero Chocolates!

An Island Review
is a great contest site and they are giving away 100 boxes of Ferrero chocolates...I had a fairly non-kid-friendly name for them but now I will call them pure bliss in a box. Some of us need chocolate to just get by in life!! Here is a chance to get your fix for free!!

Seriously, Ferrero has made a very big contribution to Share our Strength an organization that works against hunger in America. Why when I have food to spare would there have to be kids that go hungry...if you go to Share our Strength and click on send something sweet, you will be able to send an ecard that will cause Ferrero to send $1 to the charity (to a maximum of 10,000). They also have a facebook page that you can join and when you do they will donate another $1 (up to a maximum of $1000)

To me that makes Ferrero a good corporate citizen, and now I will HAVE to support them...if my hubby is reading this blog...see honey, Chocolate is necessary.

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