Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Review "The Doctor's Lady"

This was a great book. Two very strong characters with a plot based on a historical story. Priscilla and Eli are two young Christian's that are determined that God has called them to be missionaries. Unfortunately the missionary board has decided that unmarried missionaries are not to be sent out. Which puts them in a bit of a pickle, so they decide to get married.

They are sent west. Not a lot of women have made it west. The journey is fraught with danger. Disease, famine and freezing temperatures are all endured and survived. The love story between them was complicated (of course). He did not think that a woman could make it, and she thought that his opinion meant that she was not worthy. Throughout the trip, he was pushing them to keep up with the wagon train. But through misadventure and sickness they were not able to keep up. She was given custody of a baby along the way, and then a ruthless man tried to blackmail her into coming with him to be with the baby. He learned to lean on God instead of the wagon train. And she learned that she was all that God wanted and to trust God despite all.

At the end she was re-united with the baby and the her husband. Sigh...

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