Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mommy Goggles is giving away an HP Web Printer Sept 18

Now if you lived at my house you would know that my printer just went on the fritz. It has decided that it does not like blue (or green or in fact any colour that contains blue). So I am blue that I am blue-less. I see a lot of grayscale printing in my future...but enough about me. Here is a contest for an HP Web Printer. A web printer you say, what is a web printer? Well it's a printer with apps and with the ability to print web sites. You know how you print a web site and you end up with one page that has the side panel on it and another page has the main stuff and drives you crazy. Yep, well this baby prints it all like you see it on the screen.

Anywhoo, Mommy Goggles is giving one of these bad-boys away.

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