Saturday, July 18, 2009

And now for something Completely different

I hope my readers will not mind but I am going to have the occasional post that is not contesting. These are just things that are occurring to me today. I saw the following chandelier at overstock, there were over 16 pages and this is the only one I like and I don't even think I like it that much. If anyone knows of a place to buy cool chandeliers. The one that I love and would be ideal would be one I saw in a friends house. It was basically a ball of the crackled glass and a light bulb in the middle. I was fascinated by the pattern on the walls.

And now for something completely different (again--my monty python is showing). I was listening to a financial show on the radio (580 CFRA Friday Market Monitor) and the host was explaining how the markets in the states are heading for a boom then a crash. The reason being is that the US Government is giving the banks money, which they are lending out at significant interest and then if the loan goes bad they are getting more money from the Government. Now I don't know much but I do know that makes for great money made by the banks. I also know that this situation cannot continue without a huge correction. So, I have no idea how to take advantage of this situation, but it sounds to me like if you are a conservative investor this sounds like a good time to take some profits and sit on the sidelines (put your money in CDs that are doing what 1%). Personally in my part of the world Real Estate is giving us our 1% return a month, that I strive for. So far this year I've made 12%.

There is a new MLM (isn't there always) that is giving unlimited cell phone access (data and phone) for 79.99. We (hubby and I) are waiting for it to introduce in Canada and then see the reviews. We are fairly technical picky (about the only area in our life where we are) so if it is unlimited but not 3G or it drops calls then we will wait. The name of the MLM, Buzzirk.

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